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At Old School Lives we want to encourage the arts. We have a fully functioning Pottery Studio, Textile Studio, Artist Studio Space, Artist Exhibits, Youth and Community art opportunities throughout the year. 



Featuring handwoven rugs, new and old from area artists and rug owners. The OSL Textile Studio is hosting this exhibit, rugs will be hung in the Richard William Peterson Memorial Exhibit hallway. Range Fiber Arts Guild and Duluth Fiber Arts Guild, OSL Textile Studio Weaving Students, as well as OSL service area community members are invited to participate. We are very interested in rugs that may have been woven by people from this area and want to include photo's and stories with the rugs.  Entries will be accepted starting June 15th. They need to be prepared to be hung before they are brought in. If you have a rug that you would like to exhibit please contact us!

July 2019 Art From The Heart Of The Forest Exhibit

Rag Rug Weaving at Old School Lives, Cotton, MN
Instructor: Barb Leuelling July 23, 24, 25 2019

Floor looms will be used in the class, already warped. You will be working on only one loom for the duration of the class. This class is designed for individuals who can warp a loom, and have some weaving experience such as a beginning weaving class, as well as for others who have more weaving experience. You will complete a full sized rug as you can come in and finish by the end of August. Class cost $50 plus $40 for warped loom, rug warp, and class handouts. 

Textile Studio

Old School Lives has new Textile Studio full of looms each with their own local history (you can find out more about each loom at the Textile Studio). The Textile Studio also includes spinning wheels, yarns, sewing machines, and various tools and supplies for all kinds of textile arts. 

The Textile Studio is made possible by... 

Beginning Weaving Class: with a Scandinavian Style Rosepath Threading

Learn to warp or refresh your warping process by warping 4 H table loom. Students will measure a warp and thread loom for their project. On 2nd day, begin to weave “mug rug” samples and learn more about the loom, and reading a pattern. Students will learn more detail about weaving different patterns. Samples will be yours to take home.

2 to 2 1⁄2 days. There will be a class fee is $50 and a $15 materials fee. August  6 & 7 2019

Pottery Studio

Old School Lives has a fully functioning Pottery Studio equipped with kilns, clay, glazes, wheels, and tons of supplies. 

There are several experienced potters who have volunteered to create this wonderful space and teach classes open to the community and youth. 

Pottery Instructors: 

Abby Lacksonen

Ken Maeckelbergh

To inspire arts in the community, we have several artists using space in the building to create and promote different skills. One of our resident artists is Lanny Johnson, a clay to bronze sculptor. Here is a link to his website.

Sculptor Lanny Johnson


9165 Hwy 53
PO Box 156

Cotton, MN 55724


Wednesday: 10am-3pm
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