What's Happening?

The decision to close the doors of Old School Lives was a very difficult one to make. In these past weeks, especially we have been humbled to see how vital this place has become. We promise, We are not going away! We will reopen after we have sanitized and developed methods of being in public operation in safe social distancing practices. When this health crisis passes we will be better than before!

Our desire is to serve our diverse population as sufficiently and healthily as we can. Our shop staff and volunteers have sadly been laid off for the time being. We have kept a small staff, some paid and some volunteer, on duty daily in the building cleaning, sanitizing, working on food and service programming. Others will work from home, searching out funding sources, building greater online services and maintaining our regular day to day business. Bills don’t go away because we are in a crisis!

We are also developing a curbside pick up and home delivery lunch service. We will be baking bread! We are putting together care packages of personal care products such as, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. possibly Food Shelf items as well. Watch for details coming in a post later today!

We know that closure of the gyms and fitness center are hard adjustments for everyone. Our hope is to create programming and safe practices that allow us to reopen soon.

Our building expenses are the same as ever. Winter costs are very high. Electricity in winter is approximately $3000 a month mostly due to the pumps required for our heating system. Our current coal bill is over $15,000. With our shops closed for this brief period our income will drop an expected $1500 a week. We still have rental income coming in from rentals and we have had good financial season up to this point thankfully. More than ever your donations are critical. Please continue your financial support of our operations during this time. They are vital!

Be sure to check out all of the OSL online resources and webpages for information, tips, encouragement and fun! We are community and we are good at innovation and support in tough times. Hang in there together. Check on your neighbors. Care for each other and please please let us know how we can help you!

Community Resources

Looking for some resources while you are at home? Follow our Community Wellness page on Pinterest. We hope to spread joy, health, wellness, and inspiration to our community.

Regular dining is CLOSED until further notice.

Rivers Bend Eatery

Lunches available Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Online and Phone Ordering:

Weekly Menu (menu will change each week instead of daily)

Pre-order bread loaves starting 24hrs in advance

Bear with us as we work out the best system as we work to provide healthy lunches!

For those of AEOA Senior Dining Program, remember that the $4 is a suggested donation, if you are unable to pay you will still get a meal.

In the future we hope to be able to add a delivery option. 

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Due to recommendations from the MDH/COVID-19 Situation

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