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The greatness of a community is most

accurately measured by the compassionate

actions of its members.

"Someone" Does a Make a Difference


Sometimes we say to ourselves "I can't make a difference if I only volunteer for a couple of hours".  Following are some examples of what a few hours a month of volunteering at Old School Lives means to people we see coming in for our services every day.


Someone got a healthy hot meal that they have not had in weeks

Someone got to take a walk in an uncluttered, smooth surfaced, clean, safe space

Someone got to take a hot shower

Someone got to read a book

Someone got to write a book

Someone got a place to sleep

Someone got a hug

Someone got a smile

Someone got to pursue college studies

Someone got to pursue high school diploma

Someone got warm and relaxed in front of the fireplace

Someone found a warm shirt to wear

Someone found a cuddly toy to snuggle

Someone learned that they are valued

Someone learned how to sew

Someone learned how to sculpt

Someone learned how to paint

Someone learned that they are needed

Someone learned that they belong somewhere

Someone learned that they are accepted

Someone learned that there is hope

Someone was encouraged

Someone was able to share the burden of grief

Many knew they are loved


A couple of hours doing what we think of as minimal, unimportant tasks really do change lives.  One persons four hours a week becomes 200 hours a week when mulitplied by many volunteers.  You do make a difference in this community when you volunteer at OSL.  Thank you!



Get Involved


Old School Lives is volunteer driven. Nothing can be accomplished without our volunteers. As OSL we value leadership and teamwork. We believe that two are better than one and community is one of our core beliefs. Volunteering is a great way to get some community service done and an excellent way to minister to the community.

We want our volunteers to feel valued and appreciated and serve in the best way possible. 

There are many opportunities and always a need for volunteers. 

Interested in working with youth: 

* Be a tutor

* Be a mentor

* Chaperon on Saturday Nights  

* Help paint a mural for the youth artwork display wall

Interested in working with the a business: 

* Help in the Second Chances Thrift Store

* Volunteer in the gift shop 

Are you a good organizer?

*Sort items for the thrift store

*Set-up new rooms

*Help with administrative tasks

Love being creative? 

*Help in the art studio

*Teach an art class 

*Work on displays in the shops 

Just want to help? 

*Volunteer to run concessions

*General building maintenance and cleaning

There are always things to be a done and place for you, so just stop by! 




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