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Life Long Learning


We encourage life long learning at Old School Lives in a variety of ways. We want all ages and backgrounds to have the opportunity to continue to learn new skills, experience personal intellectual growth, spiritual growth, and more. We have several opportunities for Life Long Learning already in place. 




We have a full library with subjects ranging from History, Arts, Romance, to Childrens, Teen Fiction, and more! Open during our regular hours and open to the public. Just stop in our office if you find a book you would like to check out. 

The old music room, is available for muscians to rent for practice, recording or performances. The Brothers Burn Mountain, a local band, has recorded in our music room. Piano & instrument lessons are coming soon! 

Our coffee shop has free WIFI, and is used by college students studying, high school students finishing their degree online, EMT Trainings, and Bible Studies. 

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